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A Little about myself

My name is Elissa Rosenberg and I was born and raised in Lower Bucks County. I grew up always having a large group of cats around the house as well as rehabilitating strays and raising babies around the neighborhood with my mother. I was that child, yes the one who always brought the strays home. My mother and I always pet sat for our friends around the neighborhood and I grew up very close with and helping take care of many generations of my neighbors German Shephards. I begged and pleaded every time I found a dog if we could keep it but we always found loving homes for them as we already had cats who would be none too pleased! From a very young age these experiences instilled in me an undeniable desire to devoting my life to animals in any form that I could.
    After graduating high school I embarked on a formal education to allow me to work with animals as a career! I uprooted myself and had an amazing experience attaining my Associates of Science degree in Zoo Animal Technology from Pensacola Junior College in Florida. This extremely specialized degree enabled me to work with exotic animals of all shapes and sizes but most especially chimpanzees, my favorite! During my time in Florida I rescued my two cats Sinatra and Laini and they have been with me on this crazy ride ever since. After I graduated I accepted the very first Internship in Louisiana at Chimp Haven, one of the countries leading sanctuaries dedicated to the care and well being of chimpanzees retired from biomedical and behavioral research. Shortly after my internship ended I accepted a position among the small and dedicated staff of animal caretakers from all over the world! I lived my dream and was able to make over 150 very very special chimp friendships in my time there.


Please visit to gain more information on this great organization and help support these incredible chimpanzees who need our help!


Having gained an affinity for veterinary medicine while working with the chimps I decided to move back the Philadelphia area to pursue the field. I moved back to the Lower Bucks area in 2009 and for the following 6 years I  worked with some of the areas best veterinarians and technicians and have learned so much about basic veterinary medicine as well as disease and intensive emergency care.

Throughout my years as a veterinary technician I have been the go to pet sitting gal among my coworkers and clients and began to see there was a growing desire for my services. In 2005 I left my job and began Sunnys Way full time while filling in and helping local vet hospitals and keeping up my skills.


Over the past 6 years I have become a part of many families in helping them care for their fur kids. I have expanded my business and have solidified myself and my services as top notch in my field! I constantly keep myself up with the professional pet sitting industry standards and am licensed, insured, bonded and pet CPR and first aid certified on top of my veterinary experience. For years I cared for families all over the Lower Bucks region but my own happy life experiences have

 brought me to Willow Grove. I hope to meet many more of you and be a valuable commodity to the people of my new area.









Once there was a dog named Sunny. Sunny was found wandering the streets and was brought into the hospital I had been working at to be scanned for a microchip to hopefully find his owners. Sunny had been properly microchipped but very unfortunately his owners did NOT want him back. For the next nearly two years Sunny lived at the hospital and became my best pal, running and hiking partner and my dream dog. I fell in love.  My situation would not allow me to rescue Sunny on my own but I fought ruthlessly to find Sunny the best home possible, one where he could do all the things I know he loved to do, and I found it. Sunny now has a forever home with a sister pup where he gets to hike and go to the mountains and has a wonderful home with a beautiful young couple. 

Sunny's Way Pet services is in honor of him, because Sunny was a super happy pup who wanted everyone to smile and be happy in the sunshine and I hope to bring that friendship and love to your family!


A Little about Sunny

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