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 Elissa has taken care of my dog in my home a number of times, sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a week at a time.  She is very trustworthy, dependable and friendly. Elissa is an excellent dog sitter, providing updates with pictures to let you know all is well. She not only provides basic care, but stays a while to play and visit.   She is very caring and my dog just loves her,  which is evident by the way my dog gets so excited when she sees her.   I am very happy that I can rely on Elissa when I get the chance to go away. I highly recommend her.


                                        Kathryn P.

                                           Northeast Philadelphia



I would like to give my glowing recommendations and praise to my pet sitter Elissa Rosenberg. She has been our pet sitter for over 3 years. I  first met Elissa at the veterinary hospital where she worked as a veterinary technician. After talking to her over time the hospital, I got to know Elissa more and more.It was I who approached her about pet sitting for us.  And am I glad she agreed to do it.She is friendly, honest, reliable and a real sweetheart. She always takes excellent care of our cats while we are out of town.   


One might think that cat sitting is a walk in the park. You just feed them, change their water and clean the litter box. Not so at all. We have one of our cats who require multiple medications twice a day and needs a lot of care, Elissa is always there like a trooper, feeding, caring and administering medications every 12 hours. She cares about our pets like they are her’s.....


       Don’t forget, Elissa is a veterinary assistant, so what better hands could you leave your pet in? She knows her meds and how to administer them. If she detects a problem she knows how to handle it because she is a professional.She would always call us and tell us how excited she was when she came over and the cats would roll over for their belly rubs and how the cats always remembered her.

       Once, we were delayed unexpectedly, and I called Elissa from Florida. We were going to be held over for more than 16 hours and Elissa went back to our house without a problem helping us out till we got home.

       I just can’t say how much we appreciate Elissa for her excellent care and love she showers on our cats.In today’s world, professionalism, caring and customer service is a thing of the past. Not so with Elissa, she’s Top Cat in our book.

Diane & Jim H.

Bensalem, Pa


Elissa is an extremely reliable, compassionate and gentle person with our dog, Smokey, he LOVES Elissa.  We dont worry about Smokey when on vacation as is proof, we arrive home to find him comfortable and happy.   Elissa will send texts and update us daily,  with her animal care background, Elissa is a true professional whom I not only entrust to care for Smokey but entering my home.  We highly recommend Elissa as she has taken care of Smokey for a few years now.  She is truly a wonderful, caring, honest individual whom we consider part of our family.


                                          Ed and Cheryl D.



Pet Sitters International
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